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Meet the people standing up for culture, Country and Climate

Billionaire Clive Palmer, backed by draft approval from the Queensland Government, wants to line his pockets by building a coal mine in the Galilee basin. This mine will fuel climate change, which is threatening the cultural survival of all First Nations peoples across the continent. 


That’s why we’re growing grassroots power and solidarity among First Nations groups on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction and those experiencing the worst impacts of climate change. In a historic case, we took Clive Palmer to court, and won, because this mine threatens First Nations cultural rights in Wangan and Jagalingou Country and throughout this continent – it's the first time a coal mine has been challenged on human rights grounds, and it centres First Nations people.


We brought First Nations witnesses together to give evidence from the frontlines: from Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait) islands of Erub and Poruma where the rising sea is eating away at Lala, Athe Kapua and Aka Florence’s villages and sacred sites; to Jiritju’s home in Gimuy (Cairns) where heat waves are killing off flying foxes; to Hopevale where climate change is disrupting the seasons, leaving Uncle Harry unable to pass on traditional hunting practices.


On Friday 25 November, in a historic verdict, President Kingham recommended that Meghan Scanlon, Minister for Environment reject Waratah's application for Environmental Authority; and Scott Stuart, Minister for Mining and Resources, reject Waratah's Mining Lease application. We won on all grounds that the mine was challenged.

Our witnesses standing up for Culture & Country

What comes next?


We want all environmental approvals or mining leases to have to consider their impact on First Nations cultural and human rights. Ultimately, we’re fighting for local First Nations people to have decision-making power over their Country, lives and futures.


Clive’s coal project is just one of 32 mines that billionaires want to build in the Galilee and Bowen basins, so our case sets an important precedent for the future of coal in the region. Join us to support First Nations resistance to extractive industries in Queensland. By fighting for First Nations cultural rights, we’re fighting for a safe and healthy climate for us all.

We challenge the Minister for Environment and the Minister for Resources to meet with us and the First Nations witnesses who shared evidence for this case before the end of January and subsequently uphold the Land Courts decision & reject Waratah Coal's applications.  

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