the Youth vs Clive Palmer's

Waratah Coal

Youth Verdict, alongside The Bimblebox Alliance, is placing an objection against Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal Project. Youth Verdict is objecting on the basis that our Human Rights (rights to life & rights to culture) will be impacted by further fossil fuel mines.  You can view the objection here (EA) and here (ML)











Young people are in the midst of numerous crises.

With increasingly unaffordable housing, a severe lack of mental health services, decreasing job stability, and the worsening effects of the climate crisis; young Australians face the prospect of being the first generation worse off than their parents.

Our futures are being sold to the highest bidder - whether it be property developers and landlords, wage-stealing bosses, or coal barons - their profit margins are always prioritised over our safety and wellbeing but we deserve a safe future.

The climate crisis is fueled by the greed of corporations

This summer we witnessed the disastrous impacts on human life and culture from climate-induced heatwaves, bushfires, flooding and droughts. Yet billionaires, like Clive Palmer, continue to plan new fossil fuel projects - profiting off the devastation of vulnerable communities and wrecking our future.

Young people are being forced to fight for our human right to live and grow old. 

That's why we're taking a stand

We can’t trust our future to yet another billionaire only concerned with profits. Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal has plans to build another climate-wrecking and future-destroying mine in the South Galilee Basin. This mine be another carbon bomb we can’t afford and fossil fuel companies have a track record of prioritising their profits over workers’ wellbeing, of polluting our precious waterways and disregarding the law. 


We're taking Clive Palmer's Waratah Coal to court

We need to protect the future of young people.  This case will be Australia’s first human rights case to test climate change and could be the first case launched under the new Human Rights Act in Queensland, potentially setting a legal precedent for the future use of the Act. 

It will also be the first case launched by young people in Australia and could have international ramifications for slowing global warming due to the contribution Queensland coal exports make to climate change.


We’re part of a growing movement fighting for justice.


For the first time, young Australians will use the law to stand up for their human rights in the face of a worsening climate catastrophe, in a case that follows in the footsteps of the global movement of youth-led climate change-related legal action. From Greta Thunberg et al’s legal complaint to the United Nations to groundbreaking legal action filed by young people in Canada; we are part of a growing movement fighting for climate justice.


This case is making legal history - will you be part of it?

Bimblebox Nature Refuge that will be destroyed by Waratah coal's mine if it goes ahead

We acknowledge that while living and working in Queensland, we are on the stolen lands of First Nations people. We recognise that sovereignty has never been ceded. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging; and to the customs, laws and traditions that have existed on this continent for thousands of years.